Local Leads for Your Cape Cod Vacation Rental

CapeLinks can provide highly targeted leads from vacationers who are looking for Cape Cod summer vacation rentals and can send them to you instantly via email or SMS text message.

All of these leads are from vacationers that have expressed an interest in renting a vacation home on Cape Cod by filling out a quick online form. All of our leads are delivered immediately and seamlessly, straight from the customer to you.


Where do the leads come from?

These high quality customer leads are collected using numerous custom built websites, as well as online advertisements, targeted specifically towards customers that are looking for vacation rentals in the Cape Cod area.

Lead Quality

Leads are constantly monitored for quality to assure that only genuine Cape Cod vacation rental inquiries are posted to our lead distribution system.

How does the lead system work?

Once you signup, you choose the types of leads you would like to receive notification for. When we receive a lead in one of your preferred categories, you will be immediately notified by email.

We offer two types of lead distribution:

You Choose: You receive notifications when there are new leads posted in your selected categories. You can view all the lead details (what, where, when, etc...), except for the customer contact information. Then you decide whether to contact the customer about your rental properties.

Auto-Lead Delivery: These leads are automatically and immediately delivered to you with full customer contact information. For more information on auto-delivered leads, please contact us or call Darren at (508) 364-2005.

Are there any up front fees?

Not at all.

Can anyone become a member and get leads?

No. Anyone can apply for membership, but to ensure the integrity of this service, the level of service provided to potential customers and for the prevention of fraud and scams, we manually approve every member and verify each member's eligibility to provide vacation rental services.

Is there a public list of all the members in the program?

No. This is a private network. All member information is confidential.

Who runs this lead network?

CapeLinks has been providing internet marketing, webmaster services and local lead generation for numerous well known businesses on Cape Cod since 2000. We operate dozens of local websites and own hundreds of domain names covering many different niches.

If you are interested in joining, you can apply for membership here. If you have any further questions, please contact us or call Darren at (508) 364-2005.